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Roll Model® Method.


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I’m an eternal student and I believe that’s what makes me a good teacher. It is my highest calling to inquire of my own experiences and show up as a humble, humorous, compassionate instructor. I’m fascinated by what it is to be a human and I strive to build community around our commonality.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008 and meditation since 2014. As I’ve evolved, so too have my offerings. Now my classes reflect the diversity of my own practice and expertise. I blend yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, The Roll Model® Method, Corrective Exercise, Buddhist Studies, meditation and a healthy dose of anatomy nerd to create a playful format of mindful movement and self-investigation. It’s my hope that you leave feeling better in your body and empowered to be on your own side.




Move your bod.


Roll Model® Method

Therapy Ball Self-Massage.



Sit Still.

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