Lindsey Liberatore

My ‘about’ is still evolving, as I hope all of our stories are! 

I can tell you that much of my current joy came from a place of physical pain and heartache. My journey to prioritizing self-care as an expression of self-worth was a scrappy one. I’ve got too many physical injuries to list here, an autoimmune disorder that likes to come out swinging, and a penchant for reactivity that can only be described as ‘Italian Masshole.’


Yoga was the first activity I tried that brought me a sense of calm. I went gaga for the practice in my early twenties, doing yoga for upwards of 4 hours a day and it was great, until it wasn't. Following a few turbulent years of debilitating illness and deflating injury, I had to confront the fact that all that stretching without stabilizing hadn't done my body any good and, despite my best efforts at 'opening my heart,' I hadn't learned much about compassion or vulnerability. I was a hyper-mobile, hyper-vigilant mess when I stumbled into a Yoga Tune Up® class and listened to Tara Brach for the first time...I realized that I had been practicing yoga poses without attention to biomechanics, and practicing yoga philosophy without investigating my thoughts and modifying my behavior. In YTU® and Insight meditation, I would find the tools to get stronger, outside and in, and that was transformative. 

Life started to make a certain kind of nonsensical sense and I found myself lifting weights, running, taking Pilates, rolling on massage balls, studying the body, breath and nervous system, going to therapy, meditating, listening to dharma talks and weaving these wisdoms into a more integrated and informed mindful movement practice.  

I credit yoga, strength training, therapy ball massage and Insight meditation with making me a person that you might enjoy hanging out with. I’m devoted to daily routines that let me be fully, bravely on my own side, and to show up as a better instructor, friend, daughter, sister, aunt and pet mom. My teaching reflects my own messy, un-redacted, hilarious, empowering journey and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. Really, it would be an honor.


So if you want to feel better in your body, regulate your nervous system and make friends with your mind, I’m your gal.

Fun Facts:

I'm obsessed with The X-Files.

I lived in Moscow for 3 months.

I have 2 cats (Big Eyes and Kristen Bell) and a dog (Olive) and would have ALL of the animals if I could!

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