The Roll Model® Method employs specially designed rubber massage balls of various sizes to target trigger points in your muscles and ameliorate aches and pains in your areas of highest tension. Paired with breath work, mindful movement, anatomy instruction and conscious relaxation, RMM classes can elevate your understanding of self-massage and take your self-care routine to profound and peaceful places.


Mindful Movement

Ever have those days when your body just feels like crap? You have a headache, your back kills and you're at a loss as to how to make it better? Mindful movement can help.

Yoga-ish blends Yoga Tune Up®, self-massage, playful exercise, yoga and breath strategies to enhance your self-care skill set. It's a tool to empower you with body and breath awareness and from there you wield the power to positively impact your state of being.


Believe it or not we can learn to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without panic. To identify the story lines that rev us into stress, agitation and disconnection is to interrupt the cycle! When we meditate, we develop the skill of mindful discernment and all of a sudden, it gets easier to make choices that are healthier, kinder and of benefit. I can help you sit comfortably (which is hard at first) and I can assure you over and over again that you're not doing meditation 'wrong' and then, I can help you begin the process of paying a deeper and more meaningful kind of attention.


Breathe Better

  What does breathe better even mean? and aren't you already breathing just fine if you're alive and reading this? Sure maybe, but you might not be breathing well. When we breathe optimally, we can do everything from relieve excess angst in the neck and shoulders to be less of a jackass, no joke! Optimal breathing can shift your perspective and physiology for the better. Do an experiment right now; take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe it out super slowly...how do you feel? Hit me up if you wanna know more.

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