Saturday April 6, 2019 / 1-3:30pm

@ Mudra Yoga Studio South Holly

Most of us are pros at pressing life's gas pedal and revving into a state of stress, anxiety and tension; but do we know how to decelerate? This workshop will teach you how to pump the brakes and ROLL into a state of rejuvenation and relaxation.


In this workshop, you will learn self-massage techniques to:

● Roll your shoulders, neck, chest, back and diaphragm

● Soothe sore muscles

● Down-regulate your nervous system

● Summon satiating breath


Study the science of stress-relief to reclaim your resilience and tap into tranquility!

This workshop is open to all levels and no yoga experience is necessary. As abdominal massage is a major component of this practice, it is not accessible for pregnant people.

Students are encouraged to wear fitted clothing to allow for the therapy balls to roll easily. Please bring layers to ensure warmth during relaxation!

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